5 Day Challenge: Mailchimp Audience Cleanse

5 Day Challenge: Mailchimp Audience Cleanse

You are paying more than you need to for Mailchimp… and you’re also reducing your ability to hit the inbox.

Every Mailchimp audience has some contacts – Zombies – that can be cleansed, to reduce your costs and improve deliverability.

In this 5 Day Course, I'll show you how we’re going to kill, cure or quarantine those Zombies in your audience

There are a set number of steps that you need to go through to clean up your audiences, and over a 5 day period I’ll guide you through each of them to ensure your emails have a higher chance of delivery AND you’re saving money.

What you get:

  • A daily email linked to a video which covers the topic of the day and shows how you can do it yourself with a screen capture.
  • Access to a special Facebook group purely set up to support the challenge where you can ask questions and share your results with the others.
  • Permanent access to the mini-course where all the videos are stored, so you can run through your cleansing activity again and again.

At the end of the week, you’ll have removed anyone who you don’t need in your audience… and also identified those Zombies who aren’t engaged in your content, and know how to handle them.

7 Modules


To get you started a quick introduction to the 5 Day Course and how it'll work... 

Day One - Clean Out The Dead

Every Mailchimp Audience has some dead weight that needs to be removed... and that's what this mission is about.

Day Two - Identifying a Zombie

It's time to focus on the Zombies... and how to hunt them!

Day Three - Your Zombie Capture Kit

Capturing Zombies 101... What equipment do you need?

Day Four - How to Capture a Zombie

It's time to capture some Zombies... are you ready?

Day Five - Quarantined Zombies

Some Zombies are gone for good... but what about those in Quarantine?

The Aftermath - It's not over, it's never over...

It's not over... it's an ongoing activity... but you've got the tools now

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