5 Day Challenge: Customer Avatar

5 Day Challenge: Customer Avatar

If you don't know who you're speaking to, your marketing won't work.

Successful marketing is all about understanding who you are speaking to and seeing things from their point of view.

That's why building and using Customer Avatar's in your business is such an essential part of your marketing activity.

They help you understand the messages that will resonate with the Customer.

They help you know where the customer hangs out... and thus, where to target your message.

Without them, your marketing is pretty much guesswork.

Over 5 days, I'll show you why an Avatar is so important, you'll learn the steps of building one, and then see how it can be used.

What you get:

  • A daily email linked to a video which covers the topic of the day and shows how you can do it yourself with a screen capture.
  • Access to a special Facebook group purely set up to support the challenge where you can ask questions and share your results with the others.

What you really get:

  • A Completed Customer Avatar for your perfect customer and the understanding of how you can use this in your marketing.

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7 Modules

Getting Started

A quick overview and before we dive into things, let's take a step back and understand why you actually need a Customer Avatar.

Day 1

Before we start building the Avatar we need to understand who you are targeting and what product your linking to the Avatar, and of course get used to the Customer Avatar Worksheet... the document that will guide us through the next few days.

Day 2

Today is all about understand our Customer Avatar and some of the more obvious things about them.. their personal circumstances, their life and anything else that is relatively easy to see that will help us get clear on who they are.

Day 3

Now it's time to get a bit deeper and understand some of the motivations that our Avatar has... What do they want to achieve? What's stopping them? What values do they hold true to their heart?... Digging beneath the surface and making them real.

Day 4

OK... so we're going to step away from understanding the customer's underlying thoughts and ideas, and start to look at what they do to learn. Where do they hang out? who do they speak to?... and thus, where are our marketing efforts best focused?

Day 5

It's time to bring it back to you and your product. How do they feel about the product/service in question. What questions do they have and what objections would they bring up that would stop them buying. 

Next Steps

OK, so you've now got a completed Customer Avatar Worksheet... but how do you actually use it in your marketing... and how can you use this to enhance ALL your future marketing efforts?

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